Kumiko Noda


- Japanese in Hong Kong -

Coordinator / Creator / Performer

Managing Director of Wild Berry International Co., Ltd.


 Since starting her career in the entertainment and fashion industry in her home country of Japan, Kumiko has been living and working in Hong Kong over 20 years. It was while vacationing in Hong Kong in June 1996, that she identified Hong Kong's business opportunities. She decided to establish her next career in Hong Kong, and began by enrolling in the Hong Kong Chinese University as a language student in 1998.

 After graduation she gained a range of experience in Hong Kong such as a sales manager of office decoration works of a major Japanese furniture manufacturer, and a merchandiser in product promotion for the mainland China to Japanese market.

 In March 2006, she finally incorporated a limited company in line with her first plan. She opened her shop, “Wild berry” in Tim Sha Tsui, selling her own-brand accessories while at the same time promoting products for the Japanese mobile phone named “Deco-Den” a brand name popular in Japan for some time. Kumiko's store was the first to introduce “Deco-Den” culture to Hong Kong receiving a lot of attention from local Hong Kong magazines, TV and so on. Kumiko continues to be highly-motivated toward casting her ideas into shape in many aspects through her creativity and extensive experience.

《 Hobby 》 Working, Photo, Writing, Jazz Dance, Beer & Wine

《 Skill 》 Interior Design, Gift Wrapping, Cantonese

《 Licence 》 Driving Licence (Japan & Hong Kong), International Riding Club Association of Japan



 Coordination Services 


attend  interview  direction  editting


For TV / Film / Magazine Shooting
 e.g.)  Planning / Research / Location Hunting / Casting / Interpretation (Cantonese ⇔ Japanese)

For Trading Business between Hong Kong and Japan
 e.g.)  Consulting / Marketing Research / Interpretation (Cantonese ⇔ Japanese)

For Event / Concert
 e.g.)  Planning / Research / Casting / Interpretation (Cantonese ⇔ Japanese)



 As Performer for Entertainment 

 e.g.)  Actress / Reporter (in Japanese) / Narrator (in Japanese) / Writer (in Japanese)



― Media Reference ―



● Reporter in Japan (Tokyo)

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● Oricon Style

Kumiko reported "Foods & Shopping" in Hong Kong to Japan.


Kumiko reported "Beauty & Health" in Hong Kong to Japan.



● Maganine / Newspaper

Concierge Hong Kong, Hong Kong Post, Sing Tao Newspaper, Pocket Page Weekly, Hong Kong Walker, UPSTART, cheers (Macao CTM), e-zone, Sudden Weekly, More, Oriental Sunday...



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